Overfill and tank rupture occurred resulting in the release of #2 home heating oil during a routine delivery to the interior two (2) 275-gallon AST system. Home heating oil spilled within the basement due to the AST rupture, flowed to the basement’s sump pump and was pumped to the exterior yard area. The heating oil release impacted personal items in the basement and impacted the sub surface soils by migrating thru the bottomless sump pit. Heating oil discharged via the sump pump to the backyard from the sump pit impacting surface soils. Personnel removed and disposed of impacted soils in the yard area as well as removing the concrete floor around the sump pit area in the basement. Impacted soils under the foundation were removed and replaced with concrete underpins as directed by a structural engineer.  Post excavation soil samples were collected and analyzed in accordance with NJDEP guidelines.  All areas impacted by the release and remediation efforts were restored to pre-spill conditions and after the necessary reporting was completed and submitted to the NJDEP, site closure was granted.  Work was completed under the supervision of a NJ Licensed Subsurface Evaluator and closure completed through the NJDEP Unregulated Heating Oil Tank (UHOT) Program.