REI was contacted after hours on our 24-hour response hotline and informed of a #2 fuel oil spill in a basement in Newark DE.  It was reported that during a routine delivery the previous day the driver heard a change in the sound of the tank’s vent alarm during the delivery.  The delivery was stopped and upon investigation the driver discovered that the tank had ruptured in the basement.  Initially the delivery driver and the homeowner used buckets to collect the leaking fuel.  The homeowner then connected a shop vacuum to the fill pipe to create a vacuum to minimize the amount of fuel that leaked.  The Delaware Department of Natural Resource and Conservation (DNREC) responded and transferred the remaining fuel from the AST into 55-gallons drums and connected one of the drums to the boiler so heat was maintained in the home.  Clay absorbents were placed on the floor to absorb and contain the release.

REI and response personnel mobilized to provide additional cleanup efforts and odor mitigation of the residence.  Personnel removed impacted contents/belongings from the basement and staged them on and under poly sheeting in the yard area pending review by an insurance adjuster.  Additional cleanup was completed using a degreaser and absorbents.  A poly vapor barrier was installed around the stair case and a ventilation fan was installed.  An inspection of the floor during initial cleanup did not reveal any significant cracks or holes in the floor. Given the good condition of the floor and the amount of fuel that leaked, REI concluded that all appropriate remediation measures were conducted. The homeowner agreed that clean-up efforts were sufficient and oil odors were properly mitigated.  An incident completion report was prepared and submitted to DNREC and the spill was closed.