A tanker truck hauling diesel fuel overturned spilling 2,500-gallons.  The spill impacted the state highway and adjacent property.  Police and Fire were immediately dispatched.  REI and personnel from several of our preferred vendors responded to contain, recover and remediate the spill.  Initial concerns included impacted storm water catch basins in the immediate area.  REI contacted the Rhode Island Department of Emergency Management to coordinate activities. Initial site activities included working with the towing and recovery company to remove the overturned tanker from the scene.  Initial observations revealed that oil migrated from the intersection eastward approximately 200’ where it pooled in a low spot in the roadway.  A sand berm was installed between the oil and the catch basins.  Personnel confirmed that the catch basins were impacted from the release.  A vacuum truck was mobilized to collect free liquids and remove impacted water from the catch basins.  It became necessary to install absorbent booms in two adjacent creeks where the catch basins discharged.

Remediation efforts included the application of clay absorbents to the roadway, excavation of impacted soils along the roadway and through out the path of the oil migration, sediment removal and cleaning of the catch basins, monitoring of the adjacent creeks, disposal of all impacted solids and liquids generated during cleanup, confirmatory soil sampling to meet state compliance and backfilling for complete site restoration.

At completion of the project soil sampling results indicated compliance with RI-DEM standards.  A closure report was submitted and RI-DEM concurred no additional site work was required.